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We formulate groundbreaking accounting solutions together with pioneering tax-saving techniques. Your business needs a steady hand and outstanding management. Our veteran advisers dive deep into the facts surrounding the clients, to track the best routes ahead. We provide reliable financial guidelines along the way.


Zakir CPA, PLLC serves businesses, non-profits, individuals, and governments regarding their financial statements. We also advise them

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Corporation Registration & Business Likeness

Zakir CPA, PLLC gets you going with corporation registration and business likeness services.

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Payroll Tax

The employer withholds a percentage from the employee’s payment and later transfers it to the federal government.

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Bookkeeping records all financial transactions of your organization. It belongs to the accounting process of your business.

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Financial Statement

Financial statements are also called financial reports. Business, persons, and other entities record their financial activities under formal records.

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Sales Tax

In the USA, the final sale of products and services result in Sales Tax. The rate of sales tax relies on states

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Personal Tax

The United States imposes personal taxes on its citizen’s as well as resident’s worldwide income. Non- resident persons or aliens are taxed.

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Corporation Tax

The profits of a corporate entity are subject to corporation tax. The nominal federal corporate tax in the USA has been slashed down to a flat 21%

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Our primary focus is tax law, including matters such as state and federal tax debt, audits, investigations, and tax preparation. Local Texas clients will have the opportunity to meet face to face with a Zakircpa Office.