Sales Tax

Sales Tax

In the USA, the final sale of products and services result in Sales Tax. The rate of sales tax relies on states and the federal government has nothing to do in this respect. Apart from state-to-state differences in sales taxes, product variation also causes a fluctuation in the amount. Zakir CPA, PLLC is the leading CPA firm in New York to manage your sales tax.

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Three components factor in sales tax.

  1. Nexus (the state of your connection).
  2. The products or services.
  3. Tax exemption.


Your tax liability depends on which state you are connected with. This connection could either be physical or non-physical. For example, a brick and mortar location is a physical connection- a warehouse for product storage, office, or property that requires employee activities. On the other hand, a contact that helps you garner sales in a state is a non-physical connection.

Registration is a must for sales tax in whichever state your company has nexus. You have to register in your home state. Besides, if you have fulfillment services, remote employees, or affiliate programs in other states, individual registrations therein should be on your priority list. You need to accomplish this process, 10-14 days prior to making any sale whatsoever.

Consider the products & services:

Consider the products & services:

Of course, different products are taxed differently across the states. Say, for example, a clothing & footwear item priced below $110 goes free of tax in New York.

Also, the customer address has a role here. A full address of the customer gives you a clear picture of how much tax to collect from them.


Several sales items are exempted from sales tax throughout the USA. Your state may offer some other windows of opportunity in this regard. These scopes are worth rechecking for a perfect plan. Resellers, retailers, non-profits, and raw materials normally enjoy an exemption all over the country.

You can establish an invoice setting, suited to this configuration. Retailers selling in multiple states tackle a complex situation, over the appropriation of taxable income. Dealing with double taxation poses a real dilemma in this context.

Many states also ask for a full report on earned income both in-state and around the USA. A few states also implement a sales tax on e-commerce websites, to get them on par with the local and offline sellers.

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