Bookkeeping records all financial transactions of your organization. It belongs to the accounting process of your business. It involves purchases, payments, sales, receipts, and so on. Zakir CPA, PLLC firm takes professional care of your bookkeeping as you remain engaged with the development of your business.

Bookkeepers are not only responsible for the segregation of business data but also serves you finely sorted paths. You can identify all your necessary information from this data. We are versed in bookkeeping and accounting that gives a clear edge at maintaining your books in proper form.

You can even outsource our services from afar. We manage this tiresome yet inevitable functionality on your behalf. Small and medium scale businesses face true challenges in putting up with it. This process takes time, space, and costs, blurring your other immediate goals.

Zakir CPA, PLLC is the leading accounting and bookkeeping firm in New York. we ease down the whole activities for you. Our staff connects with your business via various online platforms. Most importantly, your data remains in utmost safety, at our disposal. As your virtual bookkeeper, we always place your books at your beck and call.

We Solve Tax Problems: An Experienced, Friendly Tax Team in New York

Our primary focus is tax law, including matters such as state and federal tax debt, audits, investigations, and tax preparation. Local Texas clients will have the opportunity to meet face to face with a Zakircpa Office.