Zakir CPA, PLLC serves businesses, non-profits, individuals, and governments regarding their financial statements. We also advise them on monetary transactions and tax returns. Our certified Public Accountants have decades of experience, to get to the root of your financial concerns.

Our CPAs review, audit, and prepare all your tax work. We also provide consultations on raising capital and advise you on accounting procedures. You can expect us to equally perform on audit, tax, and advisory roles.

We conduct audits into all segments of your business. This report flawlessly displays the accurate conditions of your business. You can hire us for both regular and annual audits, depending on your preference.

Certainly, your organization’s tax compliance is a big responsibility for us. We walk our clients through all the processes. So, they can meet the obligatory financial responsibilities. You get to know about the latest tax legislation as well mitigation techniques. Our CPAs help you structure the business in a manner that burdens you with the lowest amount of tax.

Our advice is not entirely focused on the financial conditions of your business. We improve the overall performance of your business. Your dealings with risks and corporate restructuring meet a whole new level, thanks to Zakir CPA, PLLC farsighted accounting plans.

We Solve Tax Problems: An Experienced, Friendly Tax Team in New York

Our primary focus is tax law, including matters such as state and federal tax debt, audits, investigations, and tax preparation. Local Texas clients will have the opportunity to meet face to face with a Zakircpa Office.